For more than 100 years, gifting donations has been critical to both the vision and continued success of the Horace Smith Fund. If you’re interested in giving back to deserving students across Hampden County, rest assured that your donation or bequest will help future generations accomplish their dreams of higher education. These awards and scholarships would not be possible without the generosity and philanthropy of charitable donors such as you.

Please join our growing list of contributors in helping students in your community by making a tax-deductible donation today.
To make a charitable contribution in any amount, please make checks payable to The Horace Smith Fund and mail to the address listed below.

The Horace Smith Fund
16 Union Avenue, Ste. 2K
Westfield, MA 01085

Once received, a formal receipt to be used for tax purposes will be mailed to you.
Thank you for your generous support.

Past Donors

Jean M. Denton of Brimfield, MA bequeathed The Horace Smith Fund $50,000 upon her passing in 2018.

Dr. and Mrs. Alan Gerstein of Longmeadow, MA contribute regularly in gratitude of the Horace Smith Fund loan Dr. Gerstein received towards his education.

Jean M. Smith bequeathed $15,000 in December 2011 upon her passing.

Lois Stebbins of Longmeadow, MA donated $1,000 in 2009 while serving as a long-time Corporator of The Horace Smith Fund.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Zelis of Hummelstown, PA made a $25,000 donation in December 2014 for their heartfelt appreciation of the Walter S. Barr Fellowship Dr. Zelis received. They continued to make yearly donations to the Fund. Sadly, Dr. Zelis passed away on August 20, 2021, but his memory and generosity live on in his many past contributions.

Dr. Robert Zelis