Application Deadlines: All Applications Are Due by March 1, 2018


How can I verify that my high school is in Hampden County?

The schools listed below are in Hampden County. If your school serves more than one county, such as Holyoke Catholic, Tantasqua, or Wilbraham-Monson Academy, then you must reside in Hampden County to be eligible.

  • Agawam High School
  • Cathedral High School
  • Chicopee Comprehensive High School
  • Chicopee High School
  • Dean Technical School
  • Dean Vocational High School
  • East Longmeadow High School
  • Gateway Regional High School
  • High School of Commerce
  • High School of Science and Technology
  • Holyoke Catholic High School
  • Holyoke High School
  • Longmeadow High School
  • Ludlow High School
  • Macduffie School
  • Minnechaug Regional High School
  • Monson High School
  • New Leadership Academy
  • Palmer High School
  • Pathfinder Regional High School
  • Pioneer Valley Christian School
  • Putnam Vocational High School
  • Sabis International Charter School
  • Southwick-Tolland Regional High School
  • Central High School
  • St. Mary’s High School of Westfield
  • Tantasqua Regional High School
  • The Renassiance School
  • West Springfield High School
  • Westfield High School
  • Westfield Vocational High School
  • Wilbraham-Monson Academy
When will I be notified of the Fund’s decision?

Successful applicants are usually notified around the end of May.

When will I get my check?

The check will be sent directly to your college or university.

What do I have to do to re-qualify each year?

Maintain good grades and send complete transcripts at the end of the school year.

If I do not qualify this year can I re-apply next year?


I’m having trouble with the online application. What browsers do you support?

The entire site, including the online application, is designed to work any modern browser that supports XHTML 1.0 and JavaScript.

Is it safe to submit my application online?

We have taken several measures to ensure the security of your information when you submit your application online. A secure connection is used between your browser and our server whenever your personal information is transferred. We also store your data in an encrypted form for additional safety. Please visit the privacy page for details.