Application Deadlines: All Applications Are Due by March 1, 2018

Walter S. Barr Fellowship

In general applicants must be residents of Hampden County. If residency is in question, the Fellowship Committee reserves the right to make this decision. Awards are made to students pursuing a specific post-graduate degree. If that degree program requires more than one year of full time study, the award can be renewed for as many as two additional years, if warranted.  Awards will be made on the basis of all available information, including school records, recommendations and examination scores.  Consideration will be given to both the merit and financial need of the applicant.

Instructions for Walter S. Barr Fellowship Applicants

  1. Complete and submit the scholarship application on-line or by mail.
  2. The following items constitute a complete application and must be received in the Horace Smith Fund office no later than March 1stst:
    1. Completed Application
    2. Financial Statement
    3. Official college transcript
    4. Scores on Graduate Record Examination or other professional school tests
    5. Three reference forms
  3. If Items 1 and 2 are not completed online, please mail to:
    1441 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01103
    Telephone (413) 739-4222 ~ FAX (413) 739-1108
  4. You are responsible  for having items 3, 4 and 5 sent directly to the Horace Smith Fund from your college(s), the testing service and your references.  We will not accept these items directly from you.
  5. Three persons, not relatives, should complete reference forms for you.   At least two references should be a college professors or teacher, who is familiar with your ability and potential. Completed reference forms can be submitted on-line or mailed to the Walter S. Barr Scholarship Committee, at the address above.

Helpful hints:

  • The Educational Testing Service code number for the Barr Fellowship is 0017.
  • Your college handles hundreds of requests to have transcripts sent to many agencies. Make your request in writing as soon as you receive these forms and keep a copy of your letter in case you need to telephone later. Not even your college is perfect! The same applies to the ETS and to your referees. Give them plenty of time.
  • Fill out the top part of the reference forms and give them to the individuals providing your references. Recent college graduates should submit at least one reference from a professor.
  • Call the Horace Smith Fund office before March 1st to check that all items have been received.
  • The deadline for your completed application is March 1st. We will not read applications until they are complete.
  • After you have submitted your application you should keep us up to date on any changes. For example, if you are admitted to graduate school after March 1st, you should notify us.
  • Barr Fellowships are for full time graduate study only. Under no conditions will the grant be paid to you or any agency other than the college or university you are attending.

Online Checklist

» Part 2:  Reference forms link to send to 3 references- see instructions above «
» Part 3: Have your College send your official transcript, to the above address. We must receive it no later than March 1st.

Printable Checklist

NOTE: To view and print the downloaded application form, you will need a PDF viewer if you don’t already have one. Click the icon below to download the free Adobe® Reader®
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» Part 1:  Printable Application & Financial Statement «
» Part 2:  Printable Reference form «
» Part 3:  Have your college send your official transcript, to the above address.  We must receive it no later than March 1st.

Printable Instructions Sheet

Hard copy applications are available at the Horace Smith Fund office and at the financial aid offices of several local colleges after September 15th.